You can have Beautiful Smile Rewards, Dr. Sarah Herman’s affordable dental savings program, provides you significant savings on personalized, full-service care for your whole family without the hassles of traditional insurance.

Low Annual Fee

  • $39 for an individual

  • $79 for a family* (spouse and dependents under 21)

How does Beautiful Smile Rewards compare to Insurance Coverage?

Dental Insurance comparison to Beautiful Smile Rewards:

Dental Insurance

  • Costly monthly premiums and office co-pays.

  • Variable levels of coverage for preventive and other dental treatment.

  • Maximum coverage averages $500 – $1500/year

  • Complicated and confusing claim submission process and delayed reimbursement.

  • Limited choice of dental providers covered.

  • Waiting period before benefits are in effect.

  • Cumbersome application process.

Beautiful Smile Rewards

  • One low annual fee

  • 15% Savings on preventative and restorative treatment

  • No yearly maximum limits on savings.

  • No nuisance claims to submit.

  • Care from the dentist of your choice at a technically advanced facility with an array of amenities to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

  • No waiting period – use benefits immediately.

  • Enrollment is quick and easy.

Plus, Exclusive 15% Savings off cleaning and dental services*

  • Routine cleanings and exams

  • Tooth-colored fillings & build-ups

  • Posterior crowns, bridges & partials

  • Whitening

  • Root canal therapy

*Discount does not apply to products, Invisalign treatment, anterior cosmetic services, Orthodontics, Insurance and other discounts.

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